It may seem like the wait for the latest Apple iPhones is over but in practicality it may not be very easy to get your hands on the latest iPhone 7 Plus models if you’re looking for the 128 and 256GB storage in India, as it has gone ‘out of stock’ from online stores and brick and mortar reseller stores from quite sometime.

Since launching the latest generation of iPhones almost three months ago, the demand for iPhone 7 Plus has been off the charts, catching Apple off guard according to a report by the Motley Fool. This should explain why it is difficult to get the iPhone 7 Plus in India. Apple, Inc recently said that the growing number of people showing interest in buying its biggest smartphone, the iPhone 7 Plus may slow down sales during the holiday season due to not able to meet the demand.

With the fall of Samung’s Note 7, it should have helped Apple to grasp on a few more customers in India but with the short supply of iPhones, Apple seems to be ignoring the already shrinking 2% smartphone marketshare here in India, perhaps  not being able to meet the bigger demand in the US, UK and other markets at this time of the year.

My Pick: iPhone 7Plus Silver with 128 or 256GB storage

When it comes to colour, Jet Black would have been my pick but watching the reviews on how easily it could get scratched, I’ve decided to go for the good old Silver instead of the rather depressing dull/matte  Black variant.

Although I am still waiting to get my Silver 128/256GB iPhone 7 Plus, there seems to be the 32 GB iPhone 7Plus in a couple stores here in India. I am not going for the 32GB version because it’s practically useless for someone like me who takes a lot of photos/videos and for the price difference, you are going to get 4 x the storage.

The bigger reason or a concern is this, according to a recent video release by Unbox Therapy, Faster storage is found in the 128GB and 256GB iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You should take a look too if you’re planning on going for the 32GB storage.

Some say it’s easier to find a Unicorn instead of an iPhone 7 Plus in India

The short-supply of iPhones, the small Indian market-share, the higher demand from US and Europe and perhaps other things that may have gone slightly haywire that Apple doesn’t want to comment on has resulted in me not able to get one. And so my search continues to find my iPhone 7 Plus.